Monday, August 15, 2011

You know how they say when you stop looking for love, you'll find it?

No, i didnt find love, unfortunately. It's just that my old friends who haven't spoken to me since april posted on my facebook wall. Apparently one was noticing that i've been spending time with my other friends from my public high school. I just love how all summer they ignored me, while i begged to hang out with them. they were always "busy", yet made time for each other. Now they want me to come to their orientation, and i'll probably go. I swear i let girls take more advantage of me than guys. But the saying in the's so true. The minute i finally move on from them, they suddenly want to be friends again.
 In other news, i watched bachelor pad tonight. Can i just say that vienna is a stuck up bitch?! Why do people never vote her out when they have plenty of chances to? The ending completely made up for all the stress this episode put me through. The girl in the"Romeo and Juliet" couple of the house gets voted off and the limo starts driving away. The guy loves her SO much he decided to stop the limo and get in, when he couldve won 250,00 dollars. mind blowing, right? I guess chivalry really does still exist. I was just thinking...when will it be my turn? I know I'm only 15, but i never let myself have feelings for guys because it hurts too much. I have concrete walls around my heart, its so fragile! It made me cry when i saw that. Luke (the boy toy) is just my go to guy. It's not like we'll ever be like that, and i don't think i'd want that.
I had 4 or 5 slices of this super thin medium sized pizza for dinner. I feel horrible, i've been slacking a lot. I need to control myself and lose this fast by the orientation. I want to look nice and be really skinny, i want someone to notice for once! If any of you have good tips for sudden weight loss, please let me know. I dont even know if i have any clothes that would flatter my flubby state.


  1. I am sure you look great but try cutting out all carbs if you're looking for fast weight loss without starvation! When I say all, I mean ALL! My mom dropped almost 10 pounds in a week eating just protein

  2. I couldn't agree more with the title. Once you move on and are prepared to leave people out of your life they come runing back and you can't help but to open your arms to them, hoping this time they have the decency to treat you like a human. idk about the protein.. i would think that would make you gain waaaay more. <3 So glad your back to posting! :)

  3. i am too! i missed my bloggies :)they never treat you weel though, so i guess im dumb. thanks for the tip! i allow myself bread once a week, but this week i havent exactly stuck to it..hah.