Monday, August 8, 2011

Missing people sucks.

I'm really missing a lot of people today. I must have PMS. You know how you get all emotional
and fuzzy feeling around this time of the month? That's me. I feel like reading
a romance novel, yeah, i've sunk to my all time low. I'm alone since my sisters went shopping and
the rents went out to get my mom's car worked on. I really want to see my girlfriends, and just have a good, real conversation over coffee or something. Ya know? We're thinking about meeting up on Thursday, which is great because i have a few things to fill them in on. I'm also kinda missing my ex today. Im totally over
him now, but i just wish we couldve stayed friends. In a few weeks, itll be a year since we broke up,
so i guess thats why i remembered him today. I doubt he ever thinks about me, considering last time we
talked was november or december of last year. It's good that we ended up separating, though. Now
i have time to do me, and be with friends...and, of course, this blog and all my chickies on here :)
I'm thinking of doing a tips post tomorrow, so hopefully i can think of some...
Im gonna go on a jog now, maybe post a thinspo later, kisses! xoxo

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