Sunday, August 28, 2011

Did you think i was dead?

i feel like i havent talked to you guys in years! what with my school, dance and all my other activities i basically have NO free time. Only late at night, when everyone else has begun to go to bed can i post here. I've been eating really badly, i basically stopped counting calories. BUT, that's all changing tomorrow. I binged like crazy and i wouldn't be surprised if i weigh 115 pounds again tomorrow. I have a plan to kind of "re-cast" my lifestyle. Starting tomorrow, i will weigh myself and i'm going to make a goal weight based on that. It will last a month, im going to try VERY hard to not eat food made outside my house. I'm going back to my diet plan, a salad or something light for lunch, small dinner rations, no bread except once a week. Whatever food i cook will have to be healthy! I am committing to jogging at least 40 minutes a day. I dont know if i can jog straight for that long, but i'll work my ass off. I mean, i had 400 calories today in snacks! Another 100 for frozen yogurt, and who knows how much my main meals were. I'm slipping into old habits and its totally NOT ok. So i'm doing this diet for a month. What's the catch? I won't be weighing myself through this whole thing. I swear, a few of you just cringed. The thing is that i get depressed when i gain, so looking at my digits makes me want to eat away the sadness. I'll be posting often to keep you informed. I hope this works and that i look much better in a month! WE CAN DO THIS <3

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  1. I support your diet plan! Good luck I know you can so totally do amazing! <3