Friday, August 5, 2011

Guys are Asses.

That's my mentality for the remainder of this month.
So i feel like i should be more personal on here, i'll fill you in on my daily life too.
Anyways, last night some friends went to the teen club with me.
While dancing we ran boy toy. I mean, i guess you could call him that.
Let's call him Luke. You know, he's the guy youre friends with
but you like flirting with him and making him want you?
Here's the thing about Luke, he's always saying how much he likes me
and that if we ever got together he'd treat me really well, blah blah blah.
But he's a total douche. I know he'd just want me for sex, and then he'd throw me away.
The dumb thing is he KNOWS i'd never be up to go that far. Like, if i can
barely stand the sight of my naked body, what would HE think?
So we made out or whatever. He's sweet to me, but an ass to most girls.
I guess they really do only want one thing. 
Does he think i'm weak?
That I'll give him what he wants?
He's just my bitch.

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