Thursday, August 4, 2011

Im Baaaaaaack!

So, the internet died for a whole freaking week. I missed the online community, i must say.
Anyways, after eating today i realized something. Who needs burgers (ohhh In n Out, my most favorite burger. We have a sort of love-hate relationship), when you can have falafel? Seriously, have you ever had one? I realize not everybody has a taste for them, but they are SO full of flavor and fiber. If you happen to have a place who sells the mix or a cafe serving them near you, you should really give it a try. They are much healthier than burgers, especially if theyre oven baked. Throw a few with some sald, tomatoes, cucumbers, hot sauce, and you have a really filling meal for not much calories. It's one of my favorite things <3

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