About Me

Who am I?
The name's Ela, or Ahava.
I live in California.
I'm a complete perfectionist.
I'm usually depressed, although i never show it.
(I'm more of the suffer in silence type)
My anxiety is horrible, i freak out at the smallest things.
I want to be as close to perfect as i can.

Age: 17
Height: Approx. 5'4"

High weight: 128 lbs, 58 kg
Low weight: 103 lbs, 46.7 kg
Current weight: 112 lbs, 52 kg

Measurements: Coming soon, once i find a measuring tape 

Why am i blogging?
When i first started trying to lose weight, i was miserable. There was 
nobody to keep me in check! My parents eat out a lot, so declining 
food was pretty much torture. I decided one day that i 
desperately needed some support from fellow anas.
I figured that there were probably many other girls out there who are scared to
ask for help and support. That's why this blog exists. Think of this place as
one where you won't be judged, where everyone
feels the way you do! A safe haven. That's what
I'm here to accomplish.

This is a pro fuck-it blog. I'm not necessarily pro-anything.