Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A bunch of tips and my updated diet!

So, i've realized that there's no way i can eat the same thing everyday. It gets boring! Let's be honest, it just makes you crave what youre missing even more. Plus, my family knows i love to cook, so it's pretty suspicious when i suddenly only eat processed things that are low cal and easily tallied up. So I have a new plan, and i think it'll work! Basically, i'm going unofficially vegan and carb free. (minus the 25 cal cheese singles and 45 cal sara lee bread that i use for grilled cheeses) This way, i have an excuse to eat less. Plus, i'll consume more fruits and vegetables. I'll have the occasional fish and for the most part, will also stay far away from beans and such, unless im really craving something heavier.
I've also created an AMAZING tea recipe, and you'll love it (hopefully). If you miss soda or sweet drinks and juices, definitely give this a try. All you have to do is boil a couple of cinnamon sticks, a tea of your choice (i put in about a teaspoon of ceylon, a persian tea), some rose water, a packet of truvia or other sweetener, and if you like, some orange peels. It clocks in at 0 calories and its so delicious!
A couple other tips for you guys that work pretty well-
-leek soup. boil leeks, that's about it. it has a nice flavor and practically no calories.
-vinegar. take a shot if youre feeling hungry!
-capers. they are pretty low cal, but packed with flavor.
-pickles or pickle juice. no calories, and i find the stuff super yummy

This was more of a food update rather than a life one,  but hopefully it will encourage at least one person out there!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Raves, boys, and food struggles.

I can't believe i haven't posted in a couple weeks! woops. Not even gonna lie, it's not like my life has been hectic or anything- but the few things that are going on...well, they pretty much consume my thoughts.
My eating habits aren't too good at the moment. On the bright side, when i went to the doctor's today, i weighed 110. I'd obviously prefer a number like...ohhh, 105, 103, 98? But at least i'm slowly going back to my norm. I haven't stuck to my diet at all, although generally low cal. But i have a new plan, and if i do it for a week, i'll share it with you!
I went to my first rave last week and it was AMAZING. Actually, i don't think i've ever been more horny in my life. The beats, people, and energy was nothing short of insane. My friends all took e (specifically, mali) but it didn't really work. Me? I went sober, unfortunately. It was a rush because, for once, i rebelled against my parents. I said i was having a sleepover, but we actually just crashed in a friends car around 4 am, and went to the beach. I'm going to another one in august and i cant wait! Only problem is...I want to look hot this time. Which means i need to eat less and work out more. I've been doing an hour of walking everyday, and NEED to start pilates.
L...he doesn't seem as interested in me as before. He generally only replies to my texts once or twice, and it's starting to piss me off. He's liked me for forever, and now that i'm desperately wanting him for a hook up, he's become more distant. Part of me thinks that he's trying to keep his cool and not seem too anxious about it so as to not freak me out but...the pessimistic part of me (which is about 95%) thinks he just got bored with me :(