Monday, August 22, 2011

My weekend of horror is over! (+ short ballet thinspo)

                                                                                                                                                               This picture slightly describes how fat i feel today. Mom's birthday is over, THANK THE L-RD. I didn't even attempt to eat small portions because i knew it was no use, i knew i'd gain weight anyway. We got some indian pastries as a surprise for her today and that was the last of it. I can FINALLY jump back into my diet plan because there isn't any big "eating" event until Thanksgiving. I actually had to get my physical at the doctors today. I was behind in shots, so i had to get 4 today, 2 in a month, and 3 in 6 months. Luckily, i don't get freaked out by shots, i actually like them in a weird, twisted way. But they went TOO far this time. Do you know what they fucking did to me?!
Ok. There. I said it. Has the shock set in yet? No? Let me go ahead and repeat that-

If you have ever had someone's finger up your ass, i'm sure you feel my pain. It's some creepy shit. You're in that ugly-ass hospital gown and they make you curl up. You see their finger all shiny from the lube and then they stick it up like there's no fucking tomorrow! As you can tell, i'm kind of disturbed by it, maybe even a bit traumatized (more like a lot). They also weighed me and the big number is 107. In my defense, not only did i have 2 huge meals this weekend (by the way, my friends and i had a great time cooking dinner) but then my mom decides to take me and my sisters out for MEXICAN FOOD. I'm part mexican, and proud, but seriously- the food? That's one of the fattiest cuisines i can think of. So a lot of factors played into my weight gain, but i'm not stressing over it. Next week should be better...i hope. Stay strong lovelies!

If anyone has a thinspo theme request, i would gladly take it into consideration!
I'm sort of running out of themes xD


  1. Lol im sorry to hear of this traumatizing experience. I have n ever experienced that but i pray to god I wont have to. Beautiful thinspo :)

  2. Hey, I just found this blog today, and honestly I can't tell you how freaking refreshing it is to see somebody being bluntly honest!!! I think you are ahhmazing and such great motivation for me to get back to the way I was before I got married (I'm 21 and married for almost 2 years). Stay strong angel and way to be awesome!!!!!