Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tips #2

6. Drink a shot of vinegar before meals. It curbs your hunger and eats away at any fats you take in. Don't slip it slowly when you take it in, especially if you can't handle the taste of vinegar, just chug it down. (If vinegar is too harsh and you like pickles, take a shot of pickle juice, i usually take them just because i love the flavor) If your stomach is sensitive to harsh flavors like vinegar, drink some water afterwards. It won't be less effective,it will just soften the burn in your tummy.

7. Don't use laxatives. Just don't. Don't even consider it. Put them down! Yes, you'll lose weight when you take them but you arent ACTUALLY losing any weight. See, all it does is make you shit. Do you know what you lose when you shit? water. That's right, all that weight you lost was water weight. Your body NEEDS water, to survive, to LOSE weight. So stop taking laxatives, they basically don't do shit. (Well, besides making you go shit)

8. Chug cold water after dinner. Especially if you tend to eat after 7 pm. Anything cold will raise your metabolism. If you're like me, and you get the munchies after dinner while youre sitting on your ass in front of the tv, chug that water (flavor it with some 0 calorie flavoring). It will keep you full and help burn that food off you just ate. Food doesn't burn well after 7 pm because your metabolism slows down around this time due to the lack of movement, so CHUGGGG.

9. Allow yourself a binge every so often. I know what your thinking "WTF your crazy". But I'm not. Have you ever stuck to a diet and suddenly you stop losing weight? It's called a plateau. The problem is that your metabolism is used to your diet and exercise and burns calories at a constant level. That means you shouldn't gain or lose. To get off of a plateau, you need to binge. Binge on good things like vegetables and avoid things like meat, bread, dairy. This way, your body will say "oh wow, there's a lot more food in here than usual, i guess ill have to work double time". It'll get your body running again. You should also change your workout routine or increase the speed or distance to encourage your metabolism's activity.

10. Soup, soup, soup. It's one of the BEST things you could eat. Not only are there usually vegetables in it to promote nutrition, but it's practically all water. Anything low cal and watery is good, right? One of the best soups i've found is the Progresso French Onion Soup. It's really delicious for being canned and has only 50 calories a serving. Which means, you can have the whole can and only take in 100 calories for dinner. how awesome is that? Also, i would recommend pelmeny, a russian dumpling in broth. Soon, i'll do a post all about these delicious, low cal morsels so you know what they are and where to get them.  


  1. very once in a while a spike in needed to kick start a diet and change it up a little bit. Ive never loved soup but I do always drink cold water, not only does it speed up metabolism but you brun calories drinking it because your body has to warm it up. Same for ice :) Loved the tips :)

  2. Thanks! This was all quite helpful information. :)

  3. Yes! Laxatives suck. Not only do they dehydrate you, but you're stuck feeling awful all day. I'm a huge supporter of high-fiber diets. Keeps you full, clears you out, and you don't have to be dependent on laxatives.