Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Poem+Thinspo= =)

one button at a time, and inch of zipper to go
you hope your fat wont show

It follows you
When you feel your bones, you are content
yet you suffer in silence

You can never escape it
You are chained to the monster inside your head
No way to break free

So mold yourself to fit
you know you can
just one button at a time, an inch of zipper to go

We had "creative time" in my english class today, so i decided to write this and share it with you :)

There isn't really a theme for this, edgy? I'm not sure...haha :) keep moving ladies!


  1. I like your poem! Can I put it in a notebook for thinspo? Great thinspo pictures.

  2. I loved your poem!!
    And this thinspo pictures are amazing!!!


  3. You are an amazing writer - I hope you know that.