Thursday, August 11, 2011

I had an amazing day.

I havent seen any of my friends for a whole freaking month! That's way too long. I was going to tell them about this blog, but it was like feeding fire with fire after they complained when i "weighed too little".  which is so untrue, im NOT that small. It's not like you look at me and think "oh damn, she must be anorexic". I just look...average. So, i guess that's what im trying to change. We walked over to chipotle and i ended up having 1/3 of the burrito bowl ( with only salsa, cheese, lettuce, and guc, not too shabby!). But i brought them a cheesecake...i couldnt just not eat any! It was torture to eat something like that...i could just see the calories adding up. But it would be obvious something was off if i didnt. Dont worry, i only had a small slice ;) We went to a beauty store and bought some gorgeous nail polish to use later, the cashier was the most awesome gay guy ever. Gay guys are the best :) All in all, i had so much fun catching up with them. Mom bought burgers for dinner from In n Out. Anyone who's been there will know that their burgers are pretty small. Only like 380 cals, so i binged today, but i guess you could consider it a special occasion. Im not gonna lose any sleep over it, tomorrow will be back to my diet. Stay strong ladies! A little treat isnt bad every once in a while ;)
Remember, don't think "i'll do better tomorrow". stick to your meal plan or diet and wake up saying "i will do well TODAY, tomorrow, every day!" One bad day wont hurt you, but dont make it a habit. Good Luck Lovelies.

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