Friday, September 16, 2011

My hideous body...

l: 1/2 of another one of those sandwiches i had yesterday- 150 cals ish
d: mandu soondubu chigae (thats korean spicy stew with dumplings and tofu)- i have noooo idea ill say 300
total: 450? i could be totally wrong about the soup...
I can't believe i'm actually doing this, but these are pictures of my body, in all its disgustingness. dont be too hard on my chunk of lard (i'm a poet and i don't even know it....i must be tired haha) I know i have pretty much the most disgusting figure ever and ill never have a nice one, but whatever. its because my hips are pretty narrow, im definitely no hourglass figure! Any fat on that short torso of mine shows up like CRAZY.
Also, i had to take these with a shit mirror in my garage so nobody would catch me taking them. sorry about the mess :)
So, here it goes...


  1. If that's obese I don't think I can go out in public tomorrow. All kidding aside, your intake sounds pretty good:-). And you look slim- skinny to me. I like your top, too!

  2. awh I really wanted to see but you either took them down or my computer is messed :(

  3. yeah, i did take them down. i was just too ashamed of my body, you know? i admire anyone brave enough to show themselves, really :)