Wednesday, September 21, 2011

busy busy busy.

I dont believe Ive ever posted this early before! wow. Im stressed out of my mind. Seriously, i swear i can feel my body bleeding and my brain turning to mush. I just had to take a break from it all. So i came here, because writing makes me feel so much calmer, helps me to forget my daily troubles.

Today, for instance,i wasnt going to have lunch. My mom and i got into a huge fight all because i woke her from her nap. To "make up for it" she made me  grilled cheese for lunch. she just sat there, waiting for me to eat it. I had no way of throwing it out, i couldn't refuse or she'd KNOW something was up. So i ate, and i cried on the inside because it probably had around 270 calories. 0 sounds much better than 270.

Why am i so stressed, you ask? I have one class discussion to prepare for, two 50 point essay question assignments, 4 poems to read and analyze, and THEN i have geometry, a French quiz to study for, plus study for a grammar test. Hand me the gun now! I literally have no free time. Yet, here i am surfing the web as usual.

I learned something in French today. The verb "grossir". It means to get fat, to gain weight. The first thing i noticed? The sneaky placement of the prefix GROSSir. Getting fat= gross. I admit, it made me chuckle a bit.
A sort of personal, dark joke of mine, i suppose.


  1. I noticed the same thing last year. I sat in class smiling at the true thoughts of those creating the french language.

  2. Oh, yeah. French should be the official language of anorectics everywhere. (Someone pointed out that "J'ai faim" is a lot less of a burden than "I AM hungry."

    Sorry your'e so stressed, sweetie. It sounds like an enormous workload. But 270 isn't so terrible.