Thursday, September 15, 2011

I swear my mom is trying to kill me.

l: 1/2 a sandwich- i have NO idea. i'll guess 150 cals
snack: 2 pickles with mustard- 0 cals
d: caramel mochiatto (short)-100 cals
anddd homemade pita chips with spice dip- 50 cals
the other half of that damn sandwich...- 150 cals ish
total: 450?

Ok, i wasn't gonna have the other half of the sandwich, but i thought i was going to the gym and i wouldve burned like 400 cals +!! Sadly, the vampire diaries premiere was on...and THEN they go and decide to air the premiere of the secret circle. WTF now i have to work out before dinner on thursdays! Although, it was kind of worth it haha Ok, but seriously, my mom is literally trying to kill me. See, i usually eat lunch after school gets out so i dont have to eat that horrid stuff in the cafeteria they call "food". Today she decided that pizza would be nice. NO NO NO NO im sure its at least 400 calories. AT LEAST. luckily, i avoided it and she got sandwiches instead. Still not the lowest cal thing, but whatever. and THEN she fucking brings home a doughnut for me. NO NO NO NO! i was able to resist the wonderful gooeyness...i planned on only having coffee for dinner. I love how great my plans turn out. I feel like a fucking porker, like a little piggy some fat hungry guy with a hairy ass is chasing. *shiver*

oh, and just many calories do you think someone my size would burn in a 10 minute mile (jogging) ? If anyone knows, go ahead and let me know ;)

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