Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Fantastic Friday.

lunch: pelmeni dumplings in broth- about 90 calories
snack: one of those flaky biscuits- probably about 100 calories
dinner: fruit, some cod, one cup of jello- im guessing 200 calories?
Total: 390 ISH
The hard thing about writing down my intake is that my family eats pretty diverse dinners, usually nothing packaged, all freshly made. So when my mom makes a salad with her own dressing, pita, rice, seasoned meats, vegetable dishes...its REALLY hard to determine how many calories i had. Especially since there's no "serving size" for homemade meals. Really sorry about that, i'll try harder :]

The movie party was a total success! We ended up watching Silence of The Lambs, so of course i acted scared and grabbed onto Eli. He has his "man cave" with a pool table and everything, its really awesome! Afterwards, we all decided to jump into the hottub, which was AMAZING. He put his arm around me and the most amazing thing happened...we had a thunderstorm with lightning and everything. It's crazy beautiful! I'm sure i sound like a complete freak, but it's really rare to have thunder/lightning is the SF bay area. Last time i saw a storm, i was 7! When everyone started to go back in the house because of the rain, i made my move :]

I just took a chance and looked into his eyes, pulled him into me. It was an amazing kiss, he definetly accepted. I decided not to take it too far and didnt go for a full-on make out since we're supposed to just be "friendly". I think Carter(the boy toy) saw it though, which kind of worries me because i know he actually likes me...but, on the bright side: i can officially say i've been kissed in the rain. :)

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