Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My 50th post...

is a happy one! YES :) First of all, i just want to thank all you lovely people who find my blog interesting to read. I don't spend much time trying to make my posts interesting, i just tell it like it is. But thank you thank you thank you for helping me to get this far and supporting me all the way through!
I had those pelmeni dumplings for lunch, probably about 80 calories. For dinner, potstickers, which arent the healthiest thing but i only had 4. On the down side, i had some cheetos, which probably added a couple hundred calories. BUT I DIDNT BINGE <3
I actually had a really great time at my old school. I really do miss it there...I did talk to Emie for a little bit, but she had volleyball. I mostly talked to Harper and one of my good friends, Abraham. It was cool catching up on all the gossip. Basically all they do is gossip. It's like a soap opera because the school is pretty small, with an average of 120 people in a grade. So any drama spreads like wildfire.They want me to come back for a football game, so i probably will. Im soooo excited for Friday!! I really want to make a move on Eli but i dont want him to freak out on me, you know? I'll have to try something...
hopefully someone will bring some booze to help lighten the mood hahaha
In honor of getting past post 50, i'll do a thinspo tomorrow ive been planning for a while.
I hope you're all keeping up with your diets, it really will be worth it someday! Keep your head up! :)

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  1. I'm glad you had a good time and I'm glad you didn't binge. And to me, 120 kids in one class is a lot. I'm used to 70 kids in one grade MAX. There's like 275-ish kids in the high school that I graduated from this year. But that school is what used to be 3 schools. Two schools consolidated and then the school I used to go to was annexed on. So I'm actually more used to 25 or less than 70. But I live over yonder in the boondocks... Anyway, I hope you have a good day.