Monday, September 5, 2011

A short update.

Harper ended up telling me to meet her an hour after school gets out for them, which is 3. Basically that is GOOD news. Unless my x decided to do football again and he isn't hanging with his new gf after school, i probably won't see him. It's for the best, i'd pretty much turn into jello. Also, it means i wont end up knocking someone out when 10 people ask me "why are you here?"
It just might be because i felt like being with some old friends. just maybe.
Emie's gonna be playing volleyball so i probably wont even see her. I get the feeling im not going to have a very good time. But i decided what to wear! A plain long sleeve white shirt (rolling the sleeves to my elbows) and skinny jeans, a heart necklace and my red slip ons i guess. I really wanted to keep it simple and efortless, you know? I'd post a picture, but i can barely button my pants (which are a bit small anyway) after tonight's dinner. Hence, i feel like a fucking porker. Maybe i'll eat an apple before i go, but nothing else!! Next time they see me i want to be THIN <3 I'm making an update+ thinspo tomorrow. exciting!

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