Wednesday, September 21, 2011


A bunch of us girls went to Keira's house today. As usual, we decided to try our luck on omegle (because chatroulette is just annoying now). We did the usual whorey bra flashes and shit. We did the flirting. But the one thing on my mind was food. What was i going to have for my next meal, if anything?

Anyway, out of nowhere we started talking about masturbating, which made me very uncomfy. Juliete said she had been on a "sexcapade", and jacking off (is that even the right term for girls?) like a rabbit on speed. Most of the girls addmited to doing it. When they asked me personally, i gulped. I felt that little bead of sweat falling, i could feel the tension rising, i could FEEL that question coming.

Um..i guess.
Thats how i replied. Maybe we all feel different in the teenage years, but i literally feel like im broken. I had a horrible bike crash when i was 7 and almost had to get stitches down there from all the cuts. I mean, it looks fine now, im not embarrassed by my lady parts. I just feel like my clits broken. There, i said it. Maybe im just not "doing it" right, maybe i just dont know the proper way to get off. But ive never been able to hit the big O. ever. Do you think its possible i couldve broken a few nerves in my crash? I feel like im not capable of it.
Its not like im trying to achieve anything when i do masturbate, but it nevers happens.  i just want to know how my body reacts to things so that when i do end up doin the nasty, ill be prepared, at least somewhat.

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  1. You might have damaged your clitoral nerves from the bike accident BUT the good news is if you that a guy that can hit your g-spot it wont matter if your outer nerves are damaged. Getting turned on might be a little harder but it doesnt mean you wont have a very pleasant sex life. :) lol whorey fun sounds enjoyable lol I love the crazy fun girls have <3 Have a great day :)