Friday, September 16, 2011

I took them down.

I'm sorry. If you never saw them, i'm sorry. i posted 4 pictures of my body earlier and i just need to take them down. i cant handle looking at myself anymore. When i took them, i thought "gee, i dont look too bad." but i do. I DO. there's no way i've lost weight over this month and i only have a couple weeks left until the end, when i will start weighing myself again. I basically drowned in my tears tonight. I want to punish myself.
So i went on youtube and watched tons of ana videos...
I found this comment on youtube to a video criticizing anas (or other eating disorders). its completely true!:

 Iwouldn't mind someone trying to understand our eating disorder but all they ever do is stare at it like "This is disgusting". Being called disgusting really doesn't help with our low self esteem. If your going to try and help, refrain from  judging.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               


  1. aw darling<3 the comment is so true. Just know if you ever feel like posting those pictures we would be supportive <3 We love you and your blog and we want you to feel comfortable. You can do well and lose weight, I promise <3

  2. Seconding what Sophie said. I'll probably take my photos down the second I post them later, but it's all a matter of perspective-- tons of people, even on here, would KILL to be as tiny as you.