Saturday, September 3, 2011

Old friends from the past and moving on.

Fragile. Everything is fragile in this world. Our hearts, our bodies, our minds, our relationships, our friendships.
One messed up moment could ruin you. You can lose everything you've worked so hard for in a second.

They told me they'd cry for me, we'd always be close. They'd miss me like
a scar that wont go away.

So i said fuck it, move on with your life!
Nobody is worth the emotional turmoil youre going through!
Nobody understands...

I was excited to switch schools, a start, a new beginning.
Yet, i felt depressed everyday.

They promised they'd be with me through think and thin.
But they never gave a shit.
I was their chewtoy.
It was ME who helped them fit in.
It was ME who gave them their popularity. 
And then i was alone...
There was nobody i could talk to, nobody to cry out to when i needed them.

All i wanted were some true friends. I made a few dumb
mistakes along the way, and they can never be taken back.

We were so close. But it was all a lie.
They never cared.
They left me behind.

So i forget them and try clear my head.
I'll do whatever it takes to express my broken-ness.
I want them to feel my pain.

No need to apologize for anything.
I said what i wanted to for so long.
I loved every minute of it.
...and then i went crazy.

There's nothing i can do to escape people's
Their eyes seem to peer so deep into my soul.
All i wanted was for somebody to love me for me.
Anybody, anybody at all!
I fear their rejection.
They knew this!
They used me, they forgot me, they threw me away.

I tried to stand it.
I did.
But I failed.

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