Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fuck me.

I binged today. I dont even know how many calories i consumed. Even worse, i should start my period any day now, which is making me crave like CRAZY. Here's what i had today:
1/2 apple
half of those canned sardines
A handful of trix cereal
1 1/2 french dip sandwiches (theyre kinda small so im TOO upset)
and then i had a small glass of milk and a bun from the sandwiches
I feel fucking huge. There's really no excuse. I just didn't have any willpower today, thats all. It's when we cook meals at home that i gain, because it doesnt happen everyday and its always so good. Also, i gain when we eat out. Im starting to like those days where all of us eat our own stuff...
Im going to make it up to myself my restricting my calories tomorrow. Ill only eat 300 or less. Its my punishment! Also, im going to go on a jog in the morning because it'll be way cooler then and i wont die of heat stroke.
The only good thing that happened to day was that vampire diaries and secret circle were on. (i know im a dork, but i love shows like these)
I hope you guys are doing better then i am at the moment! Only 2 more weeks to go before that final weigh in.


  1. Awesome thinspo thanks thanks! At least the variation in calories is working on your metabolism. We all fuck up - silver lining. :) xo xo

  2. Oh girl, don't be to upset about it. After all, it's not that bad. I did so much worse yesterday, that's for sure! :i

    And I totally love that "Smoke weed" thinspo pic! Nice! :)

    Stay strong girl! You're better than you think, and you can freaking do this! I believe in you! :)

  3. Try not to get too upset about it. Tomorrow is a new day and maybe it'll boost your metabolism.

    I love that third picture. I'd love to wear a dress and knee socks like that one day.

    Yay for a fellow chocolate hater! You don't find many lol. xx