Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pretty uneventful day.

My friends are REAL cool.
We all went to hang out at Landen's house this afternoon :)
(btw, no, i'm none of these people. )
l: trix cereal (a binge..again)- 160 cals
d: pasta and some ground beef- unknown...ill just say 200
desert: 1 scone- 86 cals
total: 446 cals approx
Not too happy when i eat into the 400s, but i did swim for an hour, so some of that got burned off :)

So, my ana buddy Sophie has inspired me to post pictures of my body for you guys. I'm planning on doing that by the end of the week. Mind you, i look AWFUL right now because ive been chowing down on so much junk and not exercising. I especially hate my thighs and stomach...
In other news, i actually saw a cat fight today...it was hilarious! They were pulling each other's hair and calling each other sluts, whores, you know, the whole nine yards. The only probelm was that one of my best friends, Ever, was in it. Apparently the other girl found out her bf and Ever had hooked up a while back and she went ape shit. Duh, i was rooting for Ever. Honestly, she's a total whore, but she doesnt give a flying rat's ass about what people think. That's why we love her :)


  1. Ever sounds like a pretty fantastic friend ;)

    Even if it felt like a binge, your intake is still pretty damn low by a lot of standards. And the swimming is fantastic.

    Stay strong!