Friday, September 30, 2011

Last day.

You may be confused by the picture on this post, but trust me, i actually know where im going with this one. Sometimes, i swear im a camel. I'll just give you a moment to take that in....

haha no, but in all seriousness, i have a water drinking problem. I can go days with only a few sips of water. Sometimes, i even go days without drinking. I feel like my body has this amazing ability to store water like a fucking camel. Except, instead of humps, the stuff is stored in my wondrously large fat deposits.
Today was pretty uneventful. Sadly, i have some bad news. See, when i do good things and excel, my parents love taking the whole family out for a treat. Today, i came home and shared that i was only 1 of 2 people who got a perfect score on the English essay assignments i talked about a while ago. They ended up taking me out, as expected. I was doing SO well at lunch, i wasn't even hungry, so i was just going to fast at least until dinner. My mom brought home subway sandwiches, i caved and had half. Yeah, yeah, i realize i have pretty much no ability to say "NO". When we went out, i got a roti bun (totally delicious, a guilty pleasure of mine), which is probably really high in calories :(
I can't believe i'll have to weigh myself makes me SICK just thinking about it. I'll try really hard to go on a jog and at least burn off a bit of weight before the big reveal. I just have a feeling i gained, i wouldnt even be surprised if i was back at my original 115...but everyday is a new one. I just have to remember that i can control that huge evil number. I might post pictures if i lost weight. I made a promise long ago to post some once i get down to 100, if i happen to be at 105 i'll post them fo sho! Good luck girls, i think we all need it :)


  1. you are such a trip!! I'm sure you've reached your weight goal!! you are scaring yourself.

    I don't understand why this fast has been so easy! usually when I go more than 24 hours without eating I am ready to take a few small 'test bites' off of my own arm!! (not really)

    I kind of want to eat, but I can be completely happy without it too.

    Good luck tomorrow. My fingers are crossed for you!

  2. Well done on the english stuff! Having to go out can suck, but sometimes it's nice to spend time with family.
    I could never not drink water! I love it way too much! I obviously have no cammel in me.
    Good luck! I'm sure you're gonna be happy with your results!

  3. I wouldn't worry too much, you're already tiny :)


  4. Oh goodness. I would faint if I went a whole day with nothing to drink! You do have a pretty amazing ability. =)

    I love subway sandwiches. I always get a veggie with sweet onion sauce. ^_^