Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Emotive Thinspo and update

My parents agreed to let me get into some form of art again. I claimed it was for exercise, but obviously i want it to help me lose weight too! I'm going to take a high school gymnastics class so i can try and gain my flexibility back before i even attempt to try out for rhythmic gymnastics. Im so pumped!
I think i'll look into rhythmic by the end of this year because i need at LEAST a few months to work on my tricks. I really hope i'll qualify for at least the advanced level, otherwise i'll be in a class with a bunch of 6-8 year olds...
I'm not sure when i'll start, but hopefully soon! I'll keep you guys posted ;)
Only 2 more days until my weigh in!
Wish me luck :)                                                                                         


  1. Such awesome thinspo! Keeping your blog open on my browser today for easy access! ^_^ Xo Xo

  2. OMG! I totally wrote a huge fucking post and then didn't post it before going to the next page...

    Anyways, in a round about way.. Thanks for the kind words and your blog is amazing!

    keep up the good work! you are a friggin awesome chick!

    thinking of you..

  3. Such lovely pictures! Good luck sweetie!

  4. very nice thinspo! i wish you the best of luck

  5. Good luck! And lovely thinspo.

  6. Oh my gosh no way!!!! My sister used to do rhythmic gymnastics... She was on the Jr. Olympic team and had the chance to be on the Olympic team but she wanted to go to college right away and not take a year or two off. It is very fun and you ill lose a lot of weight doing it. Just be careful cus if your parents know anything about the sport they will watch you very carefully because almost every girl has some sort of E.D.

  7. I did gymnastic's when I was little, but I haven't since then. I've always wished my parents would have kept me in it or put me in ballet. I've always dreamed of doing that. But my 19 year old body is Way too far gone to do that.

    Good luck on it!

  8. Im so jealous! Im flexible but im too fat to be graceful. Stay stong <33