Friday, October 28, 2011

Best night ever (:

I can't believe it's been like...a week since i've posted! I feel so fat, i did well last week but i've gained weight this week. So much stuff has been going on- it's hard to keep up. I got like 4 shots yesterday. One was for mono, because they aren't sure if i still have it. Apparently that's the reason my spleen is enlarged. Except, until a few weeks ago, i hadn't kissed anyone since last summer...Maybe I've just been hanging with some whores ;)

So I ended up going to Eli's house on Friday. It was AMAZING. So I came in his house (the rents were gone), and he had the lights all low with some shitty old-timer music on. He walked me to the table and had dinner (which he "cooked himself", but we both knew it was Chinese take-out). It was so cute! At the end, he asked me to homecoming, and I basically died. Of course, what's the first thing a horny teenage girl thinks to do? Attack him with my lips, that's what. We ended up in his man cave and we turned on some escape the fate (situations!) to make it hotter. It certainty was. Homecoming is tomorrow (LATE, i know), and i'm superrr excited. I'll tell you how it goes. Plus, afterwards Keira's having her halloween party, so that'll be fun as fuck. I STILL haven't bought my costume yet. I want to be sexy- but not a whore- costume ideas, anyone? I'll post tomorrow if I'm not passed out in Keira's bathroom. (:


  1. Aw, it sounds like you had a wonderful night.
    As for the costumes I'm not entirely sure. You could probably pull off a sexy witch with a little black dress and appropriate accessories. I'm afraid my ideas aren't the best.

    Hope you have fun though,

  2. Thanks for the kind words, dear.

    As far as costumes.. It's only halloween once a year, I say wear whatever you want, even if some see it as 'too slutty'. I totally would!

    :) have fun.

  3. That sounds so great, I'm glad you're having a good time. Enjoy the dance!!