Thursday, October 6, 2011

Food seems to win every time.

I found a new love today! JUICING. I watched that one documentary about the juice fast and it obviously works for people. Plus, so many girls on here have tried the juice thing and lost weight. So i searched everywhere through the cobwebs of yesteryear and re-discovered my magic bullet! I only used it once because, frankly, its shit. But we had to give our juicer back to the woman who gave it to us...(long story xD)

Anywho, i decided it might be a wonderful idea to have juice everyday for lunch. If i did it too often, the famfam would totally notice and i would end up in countless interrogations, hence, NOT GOOD. I figured it would keep me full and i could get in my fruit and veggies for the day.Maybe it'll only last for a while, but i'm making my dad take me to the market this weekend to get produce. It keeps you so full!!

I didn't do so well on calorie intake. I feel like i ignore this blog when i have bad days like this just because it sucks to admit that food won. WOMAN V. FOOD who will win? most likely food considering this [young] woman has the will power of a fat kid in a candy shop. I had 2 small-medium slices of pizza for lunch, and then made a banana-ice-milk-cinnamon-vanilla-mint shake in the magic bullet, half of a choco pie (behold the only chocolate related thing that i could practically trade a kidney for), some caldo de pollo+ beans+ some arizona green tea. Yeahhhh not the greatest day. I dont even want to weigh myself tomorrow...maybe i wont.

I'm so fucking excited for the exchange student to come!! It just sucks i have so much work because i'll barely have time to get to know him. Anyways, ta ta for now chickies!

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  1. I do that too! The past 4 days I've been not restricting and eating horribly unhealthy things.. And I just never signed it and I haven't weighed myself ither. I was avoiding admitting defeat.

    I'm fasting today though. So I'll will weigh myself later to see how bad the damage is. =/