Wednesday, November 2, 2011

interning, parties, being fat. The usual.

So the halloween party was AMAZING. Oh, and homecoming was pretty cool too, but a lot of people left early for Keira's party. Turns out that her college brother came with a bunch of his buddies and some extra booze ;) GREAT party favor. Basically, it felt like a swamp with all the bodies mushed up against each other, SO fucking hot. Lots of drinking, puking, smoking, and making out. typical party.

I'm so fucking excited for this next week because i'll finally be getting my permit. Im starting SO much later than i was planning because of the complicated deal with my name and social security blahblahblah. Also, I'm starting to think i might want to do ballet instead of rythmic gym. I mean, Hadar's a ballerina and she's amazing, so she can help me! I dont know if my dad would be willing to pay for it though, considering i usually end up quitting instead of committing.

I hate to say it but i've been eating like the fat pig I am. I had half a slice of carrot cake and one chunk of a chocolate bar (to try it, it was horrific). I have no idea why I haven't stuck to my jogging plan, but i need to get back into the swing of things! BIG NEWS. I completely forgot!! I might be interning for this blog thats really fucking well known. how awesome?! I signed up and theyre interested. I mean, thev've been on CNN, Today show, good morning america, THE WORKS. It's gonna look great on college applications, especially since as of now, I haven't done anything impressive....:(


  1. That intern sounds like a great opportunity! I hope you get it! As for ballet, switch if you know you can commit to it. Maybe you should pay for half so that you are more likely to commit? Or find someone to do it with you so that they can make you commit? Or see if you can watch a class to see what it's like before you decide.

  2. what an awesome opportunity! I'm glad you're doing well and having fun!

  3. you sound really happy! I am very glad.