Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Stressed the fuck out!

I've been so fucking busy! I thought once last week was over, i'd have almost no work, but boyyy was i ever wrong! I have an essay to write, a grammar test, a math test, 2 honors projects, and 2 essay question assignments. I really regret taking on so many honors classes...UGH. I swear i have no time for anything anymore! Plus, the exchange student should be in this weekend, so i have to help clean up the guest room and everything. Basically, if i don't post for a few days, you know why ;)
AH! i forgot to thank you all sooo much for reading my blog and keeping up with my life. It's so great to have 50 followers and getting to know you all (still working on it!)...thanks so much, i love you all! <3

Food intake wasn't so great today. I had wayyy too much bread :( I've decided that Friday will be my weigh day from now on since i'm alone at home most of the day on fridays. Being so busy has made me really munchy and careless when choosing what to eat. I'll try harder though! Its just so fucking difficult to watch all the happy people around you loving their food YUM OHHH SO GOOD HEY YOU WANT SOME CHIPS, SOME PIZZA, SOME FUCKING FAT?!

I can stay away, i know i can. i need to get my lazy ass out of bed in the mornings and start jogging. i need to get down to 100 at least! I cant lose sight of my dream, i just cant! Remember that you can do anything if you set your mind to it ladies. Sorry for the uneventful posts but there's just so much going on! I'll make sure to catch up on blogs (and this blog!) by this weekend. Love you girls, you keep me strong!

PS- @ Gabby- Yeah, Jews can't celebrate Halloween (well, you aren't supposed to), instead we dress up in costumes on this holiday called "Purim". [:


  1. Good luck with all the crazy busy stuff you have to do!!! Stay strong!

  2. Good luck with getting everything done/caught up.

  3. You must be SO excited about the exchange student coming!! GOOOOOOD luck with the crazy busy-ness! XoXo

  4. AWW stay strong sweetie!! You so can do this, but no worries, we have better thing in life than school and college shit...keep smiling! :)