Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Week of horror is over!

GAH! Where have i been?! i don't even remember the last time i didnt post for 4 freaking days! Before i update you wonderful people, i'd like to let you know that FINALLY got my fat, lazy ass out of bad around 6:30, and was out there freezing my ass of on a jog. (We were basically in a cloud because there was a constant mist. and it was fucking humid, which we never have!)That's right, remember i swore i would start jogging like 3 weeks ago? Finally started on that. Yeah, yeah, im the biggest fucking procrastinator i know. It's a wonder i do so well in school...
I've been really lazy on my food intake. I had a bowl of cereal, some fries (mom brought them home and i caved.sorry.), some leftovers from last night ( Spiced chicken with chickpeas and some couscous), and then a hot pot for dinner today. I made it myself, kind of like shabu shabu except we dont have any of those handy dandy hot plates, so i just made a soup-like thing. I barely ate, i was so proud! I just had like 3 fucking tablespoons of rice or less, some cabbage, 2 mushrooms, green onions, a bit of ground beef, and some noodles. chya! Not too bad, not too bad.
Oh! I ended up finishing all my essays and such, so far i've gotten perfect scores on the ones that i've gotten back.

But now what you really want to hear about: The exchange student from korea!!! His name's KeeHoon and he got here 2 days ago, which was good because Yom Kippur ended on Saturday night and all. So far he's super sweet and nice, a fucking respectful dude. Plus, he's pretty hot. and that's coming from a girl who usually isn't into asian guys. He's got that awesome swooped, typical kpop-style hair. We took him out for Mexican on sunday because he didn't even know what kind of food Mexican was...long story short, he wasn't a fan...Which sort of insulted my mom since she's half hispanic and she's super proud of the food, but she kept her cool. Plus, he speaks English pretty well, like he has an accent and you need to speak a little slower so he can understand, but he's pretty fluent. It's helps that i know some korean :) He actually doesn't start coming to school until monday because he started the exchange student orientation/retreat thing today. 4 days to help explain how things work and to meet other exchange students, they have mini field trips around SanFran everyday this week.. I'm superrrr excited to bring him to school because it'll be a total culture shock!

Anywhoziewhatsits- i oughta hit the sack, maybe even another jog tomorrow!
I promise to catch up on blogs ASAP <33


  1. You are doing well! amazing job!

  2. OMG. a hot asian. i love it. good luck! xoxox