Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Weekly Weigh In 1

 I'm actually pretty happy because i lost at least a pound! I don't have a digital scale at the moment (no batteries), so i had to use the old school one. I was usually 106, and now im at 104. YAY! Seriously guys, any little bit you can lose is a cause for celebration- look how much we have to suffer to get here! Once i get below 100 lbs, i'll post a picture of my stomach. I know this isn't such a great accomplishment in a week, but any pound lost gets you closer to your goal! In case anyone was curious, the diet i made is about 300 or less calories a day. It's actually pretty filling and keeps metabolisms up! I'll end up having 288 cals today, not too shabby, eh? (i had a 90 cal special k bar today, once i finish them, i wont buy them again! too tempting!)

Ahava אהבה

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