Wednesday, July 27, 2011

We all have a goal.

Not just a goal weight, but many girls have a piece of clothing that they dream of fitting in. I have one of those pieces of clothing. It's a cute black dress i got from pacsun. It's a small, but it turns out i am too fat to wear it. It just hangs there in my closet mocking me. Anyways, i just got a battery in my scale. Apparently i gained 4 pounds since before lunch. great. I ending up caving and eating a cupcake that the moms bought. Then i had half a slice of carrot cake. I feel so miserable! I always cave after dinner because there isnt anything to keep my mind off food! Hopefully, I'll be 104 again by next Wednesday. Ima keep fighting girlies!
Ahava אהבה

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