Monday, July 25, 2011


The moms brought home starbucks...and pizza :/ I can't say no even if i wanted to, she'd be onto me. Luckily the starbucks drink is only about 100 cals, and the pizza slice was small. Just used up my bread for the week. See, i've created this diet to help ease me into eating very little:
breakfast: 1/4 cup cheerios+ 1/4 cup rice dream/ soy milk
snack 1: 1 small piece of fruit (fig, peach, mini apple, etc.)
lunch: a salad with a few tomato pieces and mushroom (+ 1 tablespoon honey mustard dressing)(or salad shirazi, its delicious and healthy). x2 a week, 4 small pelmeni in plain broth.
snack 2: green tea and jello (if available), 1 egg white
dinner: 1/2 rice bowl veggies, 1/2 rice bowl rice, 1 rice bowl soup (i like lentil or leek), side of kimchi 
Extra snacks: Unlimited tea, pickles, flavored ice, cucumber
Once a week: bread product (NO potatoes, NO pasta, NO bread all week except for this once)
It sounds like a lot but the portions are very small, yet satisfying. If your just starting on your weight loss, i recommend giving this diet a try. I'll do it for about a month, and then cut the servings in half. Try exercising too, thats always a good thing. Keep working ladies! FIDGET! :)
Ahava אהבה

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