Thursday, July 28, 2011

I Salute You.

Today wasnt awful, but it wasnt great either. The local Borders is closing down, so i went to get some new stuff. The moms bought 3 cookbooks...fantastic. Actually, sometimes i enjoy looking at cooking shows or books, because half of the appeal of food is the way it looks.A Really delicious curry i found at the middle eastern market for dinner. Kefta meatballs in the curry over rice. I had 3 medium meatballs and in total, maybe a cup of rice. About 150 cals at lunch.. So it was under 800, but im not sure about 500. I didnt do any snacking today, no fruit or bars, so i dont have to worry about that. Tomorrow i think ill make flavored ice cubes, it's my new addiction! Anyways, the point of this is to salute any ana girls who have the willpower to stick to diets, you are literally AMAZING. I will write songs about you. It is SO hard to constantly fight the mental battle. Im pathetic compared to you! In your honor, im going to fight hard not to over-eat tomorrow! I CAN DO THIS!
Ahava אהבה

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