Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tips #1

Every so often, ill post 5 tips to help you with weight loss. Just some various tips and tricks i've come across so far...

1. PICKLES PICKLES PICKLES. If you like them, eat them. Pretty much one of the only flavorful things with 0 cals in existence.

2. Make yourself an ICEE! Get one of those water flavoring packs and freeze it. Crush it up for a yummy snack or make a popsicle if thats how you roll.

3. Don't completely deprive yourself of something you love. Instead, have your guilty pleasure once a week and in a very small amount. Now, you'll have something to look forward to and are less likely to binge and gain weight.

4. Celery. Nuff' said. Bored? Chew some celery to keep your mouth busy while burning calories.

5. Dont eat bread if you can help it. No pasta, bread, potatoes. These are just like sugar in your body. you'll gain more weight if you eat bread. (Whole grain is better, though. so if you MUST consume bread, make sure its 100% whole grain)
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