Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Failed day, i'm being honest.

I've decided I'm going to start being completely honest on this blog. I didn't even want to post today because I feel like a failure and ate WAY too much. I can't stand to look at blogs that say "i didn't do so great today, maybe tomorrow! Its a new day, right? stay strong, you can all accomplish your goals if you work hard enough."
I'm a pessimist when it comes down to it. I'm gonna tell it like it is. You guys can struggle and strive with me, or at least sit back and watch my nightmare...
Anyway, I burned 140 calories walking on the treadmill. I hula hooped for 20 minutes, I did a session of hip hop abs, and I did a 40 (?) minute DVD Pilates routine. I actually felt pretty great until dinner.4 pieces total of casserole ( i'm just going to call it that because it's Turkish. actually pretty healthy. It's called borek if you're curious). I also had some tzatziki and a little tomato salad. I hate leftovers from holidays.
I started a new meal plan a couple weeks ago, and found myself completely satisfied. But this week i have been  CRAVING. I'll go ahead and blame it on my period starting tomorrow :) yeah, those 5 cookies i ate can be blamed on my period, too. Hopefully you didn't just catch that...Ignore the chubby girl behind the curtain??

Meal Plan:
1/2 apple
1/2 egg white (boiled)

1/2 apple
1/2 egg white (boiled)
1 cup of miso soup (with a bit of tofu)

Some rice (a cup? half a cup? I'm too lazy to measure)
1 cup of miso soup (with tofu)
Veggies (spinach, spinach, and more spinach. usually with some kimchi)

Only if i can't STAND it- i'll have a bit of fruit

I do let myself cheat each meal once a week (which hasn't been working out so well considering I can't always choose what I have for dinner, ohhh mom, stop screwing me over!)
I honestly don't know what more I can do, I feel like a porker.


  1. Finally it's Friday, only one finals week left until summer.... I can't decide if it's good or bad :/

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