Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Vaction's Over, back to reality!

So I got back from chicago about 2 weeks ago. Um....what happened while I was gone?!
I hate this new blogger layout. It always stressed me out like crazy when a social media site suddenly changes its looks!
I ate pretty well last night, but I've been being pretty bad today. I had a tomato bisque soup for lunch with a bunch of bread. Whatever, I had to get rid of that craving I've had forever. I'm starting a new exercise program that I found in one of my old seventeen magazines. What I like about it is it changes up the exercises. Trust me, i get BORED with exercises. So, we'll see how that goes!
I stress out this time of year, every year, because I know I need to look hot in summer. Can't wear a bikini when you look like a pig, right?
I told Eli we needed to take a break. I just wasn't feeling him anymore. So I don't know what'll happen now, my brain is just sizzling and I'm behind again in school. Worst thing is, I feel attracted to one of my old guy friends. I've never thought he was hot, I just liked flirting with him because he's wanted me for years. When we text, it's almost always about sexual stuff. It's weird how I can't talk to my friends much about sex, but I've told him everything! Part of me wants to experiment with him but....I feel like I'm doing it out of desperation. I don't want him to get hurt in the process if he starts getting feelings for me again!
UGH. what do i do ladies??


  1. Dude, go wild with him. Like why not. YOLO! Good luck with catching up on school! Xo

  2. Damn I would love to wear a bikini in summer! Feels like no matter how much I lose my stomach will never be flat! Any exercise tips for that?
    Maybe if you are clear with him that you don't want a relationship?

  3. hey,
    i just found your blog and i kinda love it, haha :D
    would it be your very first time with him?
    then i would say: don't do it! it can be beautiful, if he's the right guy, but it can also feels horribly if you're not in a relationship... trust me, my first time was with a guy who didn't love me back...

    i wish you the best xox