Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Guess what? I worked out. I know, you're shocked.

Guess what? I actually worked out today. Crazy, right? Well it could just be because I had mall quality mongolian BBQ for lunch and, for dinner, a fucking pizza hut personal pizza. Oh, and two twix bars. The twix gave me 500 calories, and i have no clue about the other stuff. But for once, i actually feel accomplished. I might've burned it all off! I walked 8.24 miles on the treadmill, burned 329 fat calories, and 1042 calories. That's pretty fucking great, if i do say so myself. :]
Sadly, that came at a cost. I was on that damn machine for probably over 2 hours, and my heels started to bleed. Not to mention the fact that i felt a drip of sweat fall down my nose. Ew, gross, i know. go ahead and ignore that. I put band aids on my cuts, and i was so sweaty, they slid off. Yeah, i worked it pretty hard.
Planning to return to my soup diet tomorrow to get my stomach back on track. Ever since memorial day ive been over eating and never feeling full, never feeling hungry. so, an apple a day plus a can of progresso french onion soup, and my total calories clock in at around 180 per day. I'll try my best to stick to it for a week.
I'm planning to burn at least double the calories i eat in a day. That'll teach me to keep from reaching for those fatty pieces of cheese and bread.
Speaking of bread...I think my stomach may be acting up because of it. I mean, i think i might be hyper-sensitive to gluten. That would actually be a fantastic thing, considering breads and pastas are what tempt me, instead of chocolate or sweets like normal people!
I have so much more to say, but i'll just post again tomorrow. Hope this motivated at least one of you to get you ass to the gym! ;) It's bikini season, ladies. Let's show them how great we look...even if you still have some work to do, work harder, it's the only way... Tomorrow's also my weigh in, stay tuned. *cringe*


  1. amazing! so inspired to go run after work today.

  2. Woo, sounds like a kickarse workout! I'm intolerant to gluten/wheat, saves me a lot of trouble when I'm at cafés with friends and stuff. When I'm at my flat I rarely have bread, but my mum's stocked up on gluten free bread. Like really stocked up -,- So yeah, I agree that bread is the devil, lol xx