Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's been a while...

So, I've been slacking on this whole blogging thing. But with so many activities, school, and my internship, I have even less free time than I did before. I'm so concerned about getting into college, it's been stressing me OUT. I literally can't wait until winter break! (of course, finals come before that)
In actual news, i was doing really fucking well on dieting until thanksgiving. seriously, I never weighed myself but I could tell I was probably under 105, and probably back now, but whatever. I still need to sign up for ballet, which I'm excited for because ballerinas NEED to be thin to dance well. I've been working my ankles like crazy to get them strong. Seeing as how I'm such a perfectionist, my goal is to get on point in less than a year. I know that's crazy, but strong ankles run in the family and I have fierce willpower. I'm the type of person who will dance all night, every night to soar above any competition and....well, crush them. (: Statistics have never stopped me before.
Oh. And seeing as how I'm a complete bitch....*sigh* basically, Eli ended up asking me out. I'm sure you've noticed I'm basically in love with this kid by now. What did I do instead of running into his arms and kissing him? I frowned. I frowned and asked if we could date but not be exclusive. WHAT THE FUCK WAS I THINKING?! But luckily he agreed. I wouldn't. I would think I sound like a whore. I just don't want to be tied down right now, i guess...
Scarlett visited from boarding school. She gained a lot of weight...BAHHAAH she went from 87 to 103 pounds. Oh, goodness, so fucking FAT (sarcasm, if you were thick enough to not understand). We did black friday...I bought 2 things. I'm just a lazy cow, I don't have time to wait in long ass lines! We spent 2 AM-6AM sitting in a starbucks catching up, which was nice.
Anywhoodlepoodle, I'll eventually find time to catch up on your blogs. (: Stay thin!


  1. Well, all in all it sounds like you're doing great. I mean, everyone fails durring the holidays and stuff, so don't be too upset about that!
    Just keep going girl, and you'll get there soon! Stay strong! <3

  2. I'm glad you're doing well. I'm super busy with school stuff as well. It seems like this is my first free moment in forever.
    You both seem very thin. =) Stay strong.