Thursday, November 3, 2011

Got the internship!

I GOT THE INTERNSHIP!!! I can't believe it!! They interviewed me today on the phone and i was so fucking nervous, but apparently they liked what i had to say. It's great because they teach you about marketing and stuff...i'd really like to start a non-profit, but i don't know anything about business, so this is great! Actually, I'm not even sure what kind of NPO i'd want to start....
So that's great. Also, my mom gave me the most amazing compliment today. I stood up after lunch ( a burger from the evil InNOut, i hate to admit) and she totally freaked out. She was like "My girl is disappearing right before me!" She started saying how skinny I've gotten and told me not to be "one of those crazy girls who become anorexic and eat only lettuce for dinner, like on Dr. Phil..." I assured her i wasn't dieting. It made me feel great when she said my tummy was flat (which it isnt...)...Guess what she gave me when i mentioned i wanted to start jogging more? One of those handy-dandy heart rate-calorie monitors! SWEET. So now i'll know how much i burn and i can share it with you guys. I even have a "jump back onto the horse you lazy pathetic person" diet i'm going for next week. the goal will be 150 cals or under a day...FUN TIMES BRO.

I've decided to do ballet after dad said i can only do one class a week until he feels i've really committed. I've been stretching my ankles like crazy. Do you know the secret, subconscious reason I want to try ballet? It's the perfect excuse to lose weight. "Sorry mom, I've just been working so hard in ballet and you do know that i need to be thin in order to perform right." It's brilliant, even better than rhythmic gymnastics (although that's tough too). Hopefully the work pays off! Stay thin everyone :) Hopefully I'll have good news soon!


  1. CONGRATS! SO amazing. Also, whoop on mom noticing. I'm hoping to get those kinds of compliments soon as well. Xo

  2. i hope my parents notice when i come home for thanksgiving. Glad everything is going so good for you, you sound so happy!

  3. Congratulations on the internship! That is so exciting.