Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's been a while!

Hey guys, it's been a while! I'm planning a thinspo shortly so stay tuned :D
Not much has happened since I last updated. I'm still with Eli, still fat...still hungry. I've eaten like a pig over New Years! Hanukkah sucked this year because it just HAD to be during finals week. I was so fucking behind in my classes, it was unreal. I basically had no life for exactly a week. I pulled study sessions from 6 AM to Midnight. I was so stressed and tired that I was simply...NOT hungry (for once). The idea of food just made me sick! Even my portions were small after that week. Even so, I still got all A's, which is great! I haven't weighed myself in FOREVER, and frankly, I'm too terrified to step on that scale. I was looking fantastic on my study week, and now I'm back to my normal, over eating self. Luckily, holidays are over and I'll try to correct my bad habits. I actually wanted to try going vegan this year (6 days out of the week, to keep myself from going insane), but like starving, it's a bit hard to do when everyone in your house doesn't follow your rules. So, I don't think I will. It's not like my mom would cook vegan for dinner, she hates tofu! My goal is still 100 pounds.I haven't even been watching what i eat for like a whole month! I need to come back to my haven (this blog community). Does anyone know of any diets that work well and are easy to get away with/ hide? Let me know ^_^ Have a fantastic new year ladies! Stay Thin <3

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  1. its great of you want to be vegan...stay strong..;)