Sunday, June 17, 2012

I sold my soul and happy fathers day!

Before I get to the personal stuff (so you can leave if you dont care), i'll go ahead and tell you that i basically haven't stuck to either of my diets this week.On the bright side, i've worked out for at least half an hour every day this week, which is a start, i guess. Today was by far my worst day. I ate 2 small slices of pizza for lunch and for dinner....hold on to you chairs, ladies, i had ihop. Yup. corn, mashed potatoes, meat and onions, AND a pancake loaded with syrup. Needless to say, i feel awful about it. It was only 700 something calories!! I only exercised for about 45 minutes, burning about 360 calories. Although, it was so fucking HOT today, i'm pretty sure i sweated off the rest of those damn things. I went hiking in 100 degree weather, gross! then we went down south to enjoy the beach and ran around there.

Ok, so...i basically just signed up to get my lady bits violated. Remember L? yeah, well apparently i decided it was a fantastic idea to go to the movies. this got blown out of hand due to my horny nature at 3 in the morning...and, he wants to "hook up."  I told him he could do whatever he wanted. ohhh boy. I'm not even attracted to him, i'm just doing it because i'm desperate and i know he's been dying to get physical with me since middle school. I've always had a soft spot for him...he's like one of those people who is PERFECT for you except for one thing. I love his personality, his body, i can tell him anything! too bad he's not attractive at all. Poor thing has been breaking out pretty badly recently, i feel like he'd look decent without it. This situation gets more confusing every day...i'm digging myself into a pit of regret. but is it worth it to rid myself of sexual tension? I have no clue.

On the bright side, he gave me on of the best compliments ever: "you're so fucking skinny! it's amazing."
Made me cry, because it's not true. But, it's the thought that counts :)

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  1. Good on you for working out, 30 minutes a day is great:D I honestly don't know what to say about your boy situation other than put yourself first and be careful. At the same time, sounds like feelings can get hurt...just be careful darling:) xx