Thursday, January 12, 2012

My stats...*cringe*

thck= thickest part of ____
thn= thinnest part of ____
Ok guys, these are the measurements and weights of...well, me. I know they're awful! But I finally decided that I can't just keep putting it off, it's just better that I know. It certainly makes me want to starve and work my ass off!
thck butt- 35 in
thn waist- 26in          <---- Victoria Beckham is a 23in waist!! :O
forearm- 7 3/4 in
upper arm- 9 in
wrist- 5 3/4 in
thck, thn calve- 12 1/2 in, 8 in
thck, thn thigh- 20 in, 14 in
hips (like where pants and underwear usually come to)- 32 in
rib cage (right below bust)- 29 in
Weight- 108.2
I'm not sure how tall I am, because they usually say i'm 5'3.5", but last time they measured me as 5'3". ummm did i seriously SHRINK?
and i just measured myself and seemed to get about 5'3.75", so basically my BMI should be between 18.6 and 18.9.
a BMI of under 18.5 is UNDERWEIGHT. am i actually suppose to believe that? I am NOT close to being underweight!!
My first goal is, again, 105, which will give me a BMI of 18
Then, my goal is 100, which will give me a BMI of 17.2!!!
(If i consider myself 5'4", that is)

So, there you have it. I've completely revealed myself to you all! It actually feels a bit nice to have everything out in the open, but i still feel like a fucking whale. Oh well xD
Stay strong ladies!


  1. darling: tiny numbers. i promise you are not a whale! xoxo

  2. I agree with Zoie! TINY! No whale here!

  3. These are low numbers honey, you're not a whale at all! x

  4. its been two months since your last post!!!! I like your blog so you should really post more....or at least tell use your quitting....?

  5. i actually came back because of your comment. It made me realize what a great community of supporters i was missing! so..thanks :)

  6. thanks :) i kept checking your blog but nothing new was being posted so I got kinda disappointed :p Thanks for posting!!!